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Having endured one of the most challenging years in modern history, civilisation is making short but significant steps to recovery. One of the most important steps though, comes from the resumption of recreational activity. While many have had holidays and trips cancelled this year beyond their control, many trips on cruises and other such trips were outright stopped. Now we are beginning to see a slow but important return to normality, and for Singaporeans looking to travel via cruise, or those looking for a cruise that sails to and from Singapore, there is good news.

The return of the famous Royal Caribbean cruise group has finally been put in place. While that is good news, the even better news is that the cruise ship has been re-fitted for COVID-friendly protocols. This means you could head off on a cruise trip, enjoy the experience in full, and still get to enjoy the comforts of protection. No risks taken, no need to worry; just a classic cruising experience that feels as fun and as open-ended as any other cruise.

Among Royal Caribbean International ships to be ready to start sailing from Marina Bay, Singapore, includes the Quantum of the Seas. This modern example of luxurious cruise liner travel has been re-fitted to ensure that it meets the strictest of health and safety protocols without limiting your ability to have fun. The ship will be allowed to contain around 50% of its maximum occupancy, ensuring that cruise-goers have ample time, space, and opportunity to enjoy the trip without having to worry about a thing.

Cruises have never been safer to be on

Many actions are being taken to ensure that trips are as safe as possible for anyone taking part, with features including but not limited to:

• Mask wearing and secure, socially distanced boarding solutions for all cruise-goers.
• QR code-managed wristbands that ensure you can move around the cruise ship with ease.
• Safety packages, including hand wash gels and a face mask to help ensure compliance.
• Socially distanced controls on all recreational activity, with reserved seats for distancing.

Various techniques are being put in place to try and ensure that every trip is as safe as it should be. The aim is to try and come up with social distancing solutions that allows for each room to be occupied by the right number of people. While there is a balance to be struck in terms of freedom versus safety, it appears that Royal Caribbean has taken every precaution possible without turning the cruise into a snooze.

This allows for people attending the cruise to relax, rest, and enjoy a bit of freedom after what has been a tough year for all of us. With more trials expected to come for other cruise ships, we should expect to see even more COVID-friendly protocols put in place.

We have lost enough time as a people to COVID; even if it means mild compromise on our recreational activity, a return to some form of normality is worth compromising for. If you have missed your jaunts out to sea, you might not be waiting much longer.