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Tribute to the King Cruises is a unique cruising experience that celebrates the music and legacy of the legendary musician Elvis Presley. The cruises are organized by a company called Entertainment Cruise Productions, which specializes in creating themed cruises for music lovers.

During the Tribute to the King Cruises, passengers can expect to enjoy live performances by some of the world's top Elvis tribute artists, as well as other musicians who perform in the rockabilly, country, and blues genres. There are also a range of themed activities and events, such as trivia contests, karaoke nights, and dance parties.

The cruises typically take place aboard large, modern cruise ships that offer a range of amenities and facilities, including multiple dining options, entertainment venues, and recreational activities.

In addition to the musical performances and activities, Tribute to the King Cruises also offer opportunities for fans to learn more about Elvis's life and career, with lectures, film screenings, and exhibits on board the ship.

Overall, Tribute to the King Cruises offer a fun and unique way to experience the music and spirit of Elvis Presley, while enjoying a relaxing and luxurious vacation at sea. Whether you are a die-hard Elvis fan or simply love great music, these cruises are sure to be a memorable experience.