ms Noordam Sydney to Honolulu -
ms Noordam
16 Nights
Sydney to Honolulu
Thu 16 Apr 2020

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Ozcruising's no obligation reservation policy allows you to hold a cabin without payment.
Payment dates will be advised upon confirmation.
Please click on any price to reserve the cabin (Fares below are per person and in Australian Dollars).
Category CabinSingle (pp)Twin (pp)Triple (pp)Quad (pp)
SSSignature Suite$10,362$5,615Sold Out.Sold Out.
VAVeranda Stateroom$6,943$3,984$3,102Sold Out.
VBVeranda Stateroom$6,825$3,926$3,063$2,817
VCVeranda Stateroom$6,707$3,867Sold Out.Sold Out.
VDVeranda Stateroom$6,589$3,808Sold Out.Sold Out.
VEVeranda Stateroom$6,630$3,749Sold Out.Sold Out.
COceanview Stateroom$5,285$3,376$2,755$2,562
DOceanview Stateroom$5,216$3,336$2,729$2,542
DDOceanview Stateroom$5,148$3,297Sold Out.Sold Out.
EOceanview Stateroom$5,079$3,258Sold Out.Sold Out.
FOceanview Stateroom$5,010$3,218$2,650$2,483
GOceanview (Partial Obstructed)$4,941$3,179Sold Out.Sold Out.
HOceanview (Obstructed)$4,943$3,140Sold Out.Sold Out.
HHOceanview (Obstructed)$4,943$3,140Sold Out.Sold Out.
IInterior Stateroom$4,462$2,845$2,552Sold Out.
JInterior Stateroom$4,428$2,826$2,532$2,395
KInterior Stateroom$4,393$2,806Sold Out.Sold Out.
LInterior Stateroom$4,359$2,786Sold Out.Sold Out.
MInterior Stateroom$4,325$2,767Sold Out.Sold Out.
NInterior Stateroom$4,290$2,747Sold Out.Sold Out.
MMInterior Stateroom$4,290$2,747Sold Out.Sold Out.
SZSignature Suite$9,734Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
ms Noordam Sydney to Honolulu -