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It is strongly recommended that Travel insurance is taken out when travelling onboard cruise ships. Whether it be a short cruise to nowhere or an around the world voyage. There are many options to consider when taking out a policy and it is recommended that you take out a policy that suits you and your travelling companion’s requirements, including any pre-existing conditions.

Medical expenses whilst onboard the ship, as well as overseas can be surprisingly expensive and are NOT covered by Medicare nor any Private Health Cover. This is also the case for short domestic cruises even the 1-3 night cruise samplers.

Please note. For Australian Coastal, Sampler Cruises, New Zealand or South Pacific cruises you will need to select “South-West Pacific, Papua New Guinea & Indonesia (including Pacific Cruising)” as “Australia (incl Lord Howe Island, excl cruising)” will not cover cruising.

Before you make any decisions about the product, you should read the Financial Services Guide/Product Disclosure Statement carefully to ensure that it is suitable for you.

To obtain a quote or purchase a policy, simply complete the form below. Alternatively, please call us on 1300 54 00 22.