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Refund Advice - 01st July 2020

Refunds are progressing quicker than initially anticipated. Ozcruising has had over 20,000 customers affected by the cancelled cruises, and as of today, have processed approximately 45% of all customer refunds and expect the remainder to be completed within the next 4 months.

Unfortunately the remittance advice we have received from some of the cruise lines is delaying the refund process as the information has been provided in an extremely complex manner.

P&O Australia: Have processed a large amount refunds and we are working through refunding these to clients as soon as we can.

Carnival Cruises Lines: Have processed a large amount of refunds with still more to come and we are working through refunding these to clients as soon as we can.

Princess Cruises and Cunard – We have received some refunds, however are waiting for many more to be returned to us. Ozcruising have been advised these refunds will be received within the next two months.

Royal Caribbean – We are working through a complicated remittance process. Royal Caribbean have acknowledged not all refunds have been sent, and as a result, are bringing on additional staff to expedite the process. Ozcruising has received some refunds, however in most cases, have not received a remittance for these amounts. Where a remittance has been provided, we have noticed some bookings have only been partially refunded. We are in daily contact with Royal Caribbean, and expect this matter to be resolved in the next few weeks.

Within a 2 month period, Ozcruising has processed over a years worth of correspondence and I thank you for your patience during this time. Email response times are expected to return to normal by mid/late July