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Spectrum Of The Seas Japan - Cruises.com.au
Spectrum Of The Seas
4 Nights
Thu 19 Aug 2021

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Ozcruising's no obligation reservation policy allows you to hold a cabin without payment.
Payment dates will be advised upon confirmation.
Please click on any price to reserve the cabin (Fares below are per person and in Australian Dollars).
Category CabinSingle (pp)Twin (pp)Triple (pp)Quad (pp)
USUltimate Family Suite$23,484$11,807$9,885$8,923
GLGrand Loft Suite with Balcony$7,364$3,747$3,023$2,662
OSOwner's Suite - 1 Bedroom$5,977$3,053$2,561$2,315
GSGrand Suite - 1 Bedroom$5,139$2,634$2,282$2,106
JGGolden Junior Suite$4,062$2,099$1,925$1,838
BGGolden Balcony$3,945$2,037$1,884$1,807
J1Silver Junior Suite$3,396$1,762$1,457$1,305
J4Silver Junior Suite$3,011$1,570$1,329$1,209
1COceanview Large Balcony$2,695$1,412$1,225$1,131
2COceanview Large Balcony$2,682$1,405$1,220$1,127
1DOceanview Balcony$2,648$1,392$1,211$1,120
5DOceanview Balcony$2,648$1,392$1,211$1,120
4COceanview Large Balcony$2,648$1,392$1,211$1,120
2DOceanview Balcony$2,634$1,385$1,206$1,117
3DOceanview Balcony$2,620$1,378$1,201$1,113
2FStudio Oceanview Balcony$1,870$1,330$1,169$1,089
1NOceanview Stateroom$2,366$1,247$1,090$1,011
2NOceanview Stateroom$2,352$1,240$1,085$1,007
2WStudio Interior$1,710$1,219$1,071$997
1UInterior Stateroom with Virtual Balcony$2,256$1,199$1,058$987
2UInterior Stateroom with Virtual Balcony$2,249$1,193$1,053$983
1VInterior Stateroom$2,236$1,186$1,048$980
3VInterior Stateroom$2,215$1,172$1,039$973
4VInterior Stateroom$2,201$1,165$1,034$969
Spectrum Of The Seas Japan - cruises.com.au