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Ventura Spain & Italy - Cruises.com.au
14 Nights
Spain & Italy
Sun 22 Aug 2021

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Ozcruising's no obligation reservation policy allows you to hold a cabin without payment.
Payment dates will be advised upon confirmation.
Please click on any price to reserve the cabin (Fares below are per person and in Australian Dollars).
Category CabinSingle (pp)Twin (pp)Triple (pp)Quad (pp)
B4Suite$13,829$6,914Sold Out.$4,184
B5Suite$12,973$6,486Sold Out.Sold Out.
DASuperior Deluxe Balcony$8,917$4,954Sold Out.Sold Out.
DBSuperior Deluxe Balcony$8,541$4,745$3,648$3,100
DDSuperior Deluxe Balcony$8,219$4,566$3,529$3,010
DESuperior Deluxe Balcony$7,878$4,377$3,403$2,916
HBBalcony$6,366$3,979$3,138Sold Out.
HCBalcony$6,255$3,909$3,091Sold Out.
HDBalcony$6,127$3,830$3,038Sold Out.
HEBalcony$6,016$3,760Sold Out.Sold Out.
LBOutside Cabin$5,936$3,710$2,958$2,583
HFBalcony$5,920$3,700Sold Out.Sold Out.
LEOutside Cabin$5,761$3,601Sold Out.Sold Out.
LCOutside Cabin$5,761$3,601$2,886$2,528
LFOutside Cabin$5,729$3,581$2,872$2,518
MBOutside (Part Obstructed View)$5,666$3,541$2,846$2,498
MCOutside (Part Obstructed View)$5,522$3,452Sold Out.$2,453
MEOutside (Part Obstructed View)$5,459$3,412$2,759$2,433
MFOutside (Part Obstructed View)$5,427$3,392Sold Out.Sold Out.
NBOutside (Obstructed View)$5,315$3,322$2,700$2,388
NCOutside (Obstructed View)$5,252$3,283$2,673$2,369
OBLarger Inside Cabin$5,188$3,243Sold Out.Sold Out.
NFOutside (Obstructed View)$5,076$3,173Sold Out.Sold Out.
PAInside$4,949$3,093Sold Out.$2,274
PCInside$4,885$3,054Sold Out.Sold Out.
PEInside$4,742$2,964$2,461Sold Out.
SCSingle Inside$4,695Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
RCSingle Outside$5,412Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
Ventura Spain & Italy - cruises.com.au