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ms Noordam New Zealand - Cruises.com.au
ms Noordam
14 Nights
New Zealand
Sat 18 Jan 2020

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Ozcruising's no obligation reservation policy allows you to hold a cabin without payment.
Payment dates will be advised upon confirmation.
Please click on any price to reserve the cabin (Fares below are per person and in Australian Dollars).
Category CabinSingle (pp)Twin (pp)Triple (pp)Quad (pp)
NInterior Stateroom$2,345Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
MMInterior Stateroom$3,052Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
MInterior Stateroom$3,091Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
LInterior Stateroom$3,130Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
KInterior Stateroom$3,169Sold Out.$1,325Sold Out.
JInterior Stateroom$3,209Sold Out.$1,338$1,104
IInterior Stateroom$3,248Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
SCNeptune Suite$6,665Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
SBNeptune Suite$10,122Sold Out.$3,642$2,832
SANeptune Suite$10,908Sold Out.$3,904$3,029
HHOceanview (Obstructed)$3,209Sold Out.$1,050Sold Out.
HOceanview (Obstructed)$3,287Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
GOceanview (Partial Obstructed)$3,366Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
FOceanview Stateroom$3,464Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
EOceanview Stateroom$3,543Sold Out.$1,449$1,187
DDOceanview Stateroom$3,621Sold Out.$1,475$1,207
DOceanview Stateroom$3,700Sold Out.$1,501$1,227
COceanview Stateroom$3,778Sold Out.$1,528$1,246
PSPinnacle Suite$32,040Sold Out.$10,948$8,312
SZSignature Suite$6,783Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
SYSignature Suite$7,058Sold Out.$2,621Sold Out.
SSSignature Suite$7,333Sold Out.$2,712Sold Out.
VHVeranda Stateroom$4,230Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
VFVeranda Stateroom$4,348Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
VEVeranda Stateroom$4,466Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
VDVeranda Stateroom$4,583Sold Out.Sold Out.Sold Out.
VCVeranda Stateroom$4,701Sold Out.$1,835$1,477
VBVeranda Stateroom$4,819Sold Out.$1,874$1,507
VAVeranda Stateroom$4,937Sold Out.$1,914$1,536
ms Noordam New Zealand - cruises.com.au